Although almost every watch enthusiast dreams of having their watch case filled with limited-edition AP Royal Oak Offshores, a Patek Philippe Nautilus, a Richard Mille and a Meteorite Rolex Day-Date,  a balanced watch collection should include some variety.  So what are some luxury timepieces that  you can wear (and be proud of) on your journey to these “grail” pieces?

Here are 3 “affordable” watches that every watch enthusiast should have in their collection.

Vintage Rolex DateJust

Vintage Rolex Datejust With Diamond Dial36 mm Rolex 16014 With Diamond Dial

The definition of the word “vintage” is often up-for-debate but for the purposes of this blog post, I will define “vintage” as anything older than 25 years old – so yes, that Boyz II Men song that you used to listen to in your friends Geo Prizm can be considered “vintage”.

Now back to watches….

There are plenty of vintage Rolex Datejust models under the $5k mark and even though the 36mm case may seem small compared to some modern watches, it is a must-have in your collection.

For many watch collectors this will end up being an every-day-carry, but even if the classic, vintage Rolex doesn’t become your EDC, consider adding a unique, vintage DateJust (like the one pictured) to broaden your collection.

Stainless Steel Sports Model

Omega Omega Speedmaster Professional Moon Watch

Most people will think of a Rolex Submariner or Daytona when they hear “stainless sports model” or “professional watch” but other brands have so much to offer in this category.

Two of my favorite non-Rolex stainless sports models are the Omega Speedmaster and Panerai Luminor (not pictured).

​For me, both of these watches are iconic in their own right and can easily live up to that old watch saying of being able to “take a licking and keep on ticking”.

Complicated Conversation Piece

Last but not least, make sure that you have a “show piece” in you collection.  Something that you are not only proud to wear, but that allows you to impress even most-knowledgeable horologist with your understanding of the complications of your timepiece.

Montblanc Nicolas RieussecMontblanc Nicolas Rieussec

One of my favorite “complicated conversation” timepieces  is the Montblanc Nicolas Rieussec.

​In addition to showing beautifully on the wrist, this is an automatic watch equipped with a Monopusher Column Wheel Based Chronograph.  Additionally, this watch also includes a Date, GMT, and Day & Night Indicator complications.Don’t you feel more sophisticated now after reading that last paragraph?

​There are many options for other brands like Breitling, Ulysse Nardin, IWC, and Zenith, but make sure you have a watch that is just as fun to talk about as it is to wear.In closing, regardless if you are just getting started collecting luxury timepieces or already have a million-dollar watch collection, make sure that you have some variety in your collection.  With watches like the vintage Rolex, stainless sports model, and highly-complex and complicated timepiece you will easily be on your way to a diverse collection while chasing your grail wristwatch.  ​

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