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One of the finer things in life, that every one of us wants to
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There are a lot of brands out there when you talk about luxury timepieces. Some more popular than others. But there is arguably one brand that is at the top. One brand that everyone knows and loves regardless of whether you are a watch enthusiast or a casual watch owner. And that brand is none other than Rolex. Founded in the year 1905 in the city of London in the United Kingdom, Rolex has cemented itself as arguably the king of luxury watches

For more than a century Rolex has produced some of the best luxury watches you can find out there and because of that reason every watch lover dreams of owning a Rolex watch at some point in their lives. But because of their soaring value and the high interest they attract, there are a lot of unreliable sources out there in the market that might con you into buying a cheap knockoff Rolex watch if you are not careful enough. 

But luckily for you we here at Top Notch Timepieces have got your back. Our team of professionals specializes in the buying and selling of Rolex watches and have dealt with the retail of these watches for almost twenty years. So if you are looking to buy your first ever Rolex, add a new Rolex to your already existing priceless collection or sell your Rolex watch here in San Antonio, Texas. You cannot make a better choice than Top Notch Timepieces.

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Trustworthy Rolex Reseller In San Antonio

If you are someone who owns a Rolex watch and you are looking to sell it or trade it in for a newer model then we have some good news for you. Instead of going out there and getting conned by people whose sole purpose is to take advantage of you, you can put your trust in us. 

We here at Top Notch Timepieces have a team of professionals that specializes in everything related to Rolex watches. They have bought and sold thousands of Rolex watches in the past two decades and know exactly what their value is. In the past twenty year they have helped thousands of people here in San Antonio get their first ever Rolex watch or even trade-in their old Rolex watch for a newer model. 

So if you have an older Rolex that you would like to either sell or trade it in to get a newer and more recent model you cannot make a better decision than choosing us to carry out this task for you. We offer all of our customers complete transparency and honesty and we will make sure that we do all we can to get you the Rolex of your dreams.

Our Luxury Collection

We here at Top Notch Timepieces have a wide array of Rolex watches for you to choose from and if we do not have the particular watch that you are looking for then we would be more than happy to procure it for you. At this time, our collection of Rolex watches consists of all the new models that have been recently released. It also includes a lot of the classic or antique models that may peak your interest if you are an antique watch lover. Our ever expanding collection includes the following series of Rolex timepieces; Air-King, Day-Date, Datejust and Datejust II, Ladies, Daytona, Pearlmaster, Sea-Dweller, Sky-Dweller, GMT Master II, Oyster Perpetual, Milgauss, Submariner, Explorer and Explorer II, Yacht-Master and Yacht-Master II. 


If you find the watch that you are looking for in our collection then we will try our best and give you the fairest price to make sure that you leave our shop with your dream watch on your wrist. Furthermore, if we unfortunately do not have the Rolex that you are looking for in our store then we will do our best to track it down and find it for you. 

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Purchasing Your Rolex

For those people who are looking to buy their first ever Rolex without any hassles or added risk or getting conned or scammed out of your money and you live in the state of Texas then you cannot do any better than us. Our ever expanding and ever growing collection will provide you with a plethora of Rolex watches to choose from and at a fair and affordable price.


Also, if you have any questions regarding any of the watches we have, our team of experts will be more than glad to answer them for you so that you can make the best and the most well informed decision when it comes to purchasing your dream Rolex.


Furthermore, if you are someone who already owns a lot of Rolex watches and is looking to expand their collection by adding a new timepiece to it then our team of professionals will be happy to converse with you and guide you in adding a new Rolex watch to your already prestigious collection.

Selling Your Rolex

Similarly, if you are in the market for selling your pre-owned Rolex watch at a fair and reasonable price then you can count on us. Instead of selling your luxury timepieces independently and showing it off to people who have no clue about what they are looking at and how much it is worth you are better off working alongside us. 


Our team of experts has been in the market for Rolex watches since 2004 and because of that they have vast knowledge about all type of Rolex watches both new and old and what they are truly worth in today’s market and for this very reason we are your best bet for a quick and profitable sale of your Rolex watch. 


We guarantee you that we will offer you a better and a fairer price than all our competitors in the fine city of San Antonio, Texas. And most importantly as soon as the sale gets finalized you can either pick up your money from our store or have it be mailed to you at your home address.

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